Improving Your Infusion Experience

Easy to use and completely portable, the Freedom60® is designed to accommodate BD® 50 ml syringes, Medline 60 mL syringes, and Hizentra 50 mL Prefilled Syringes (for early 2024 release) and is indicated for the infusion of liquid medications.


Syringe Infusion System

Freedom60 Diagram

The FREEDOM60 is specifically indicated for the subcutaneous infusion in the home, hospital, or ambulatory settings when administered according to the approved biologic of the following products:

  • Cutaquig®, Immune Globulin Subcutaneous (Human) 16.5% Solution (manufactured by Octapharma®)
  • Cuvitru®, Immune Globulin Infusion (Human) 20% (manufactured by Takeda®)
  • Gammagard Liquid®, Immune Globulin Infusion (Human) 10% (manufactured by Takeda®)
  • Hizentra®, Immune Globulin Subcutaneous (Human) 20% Liquid (manufactured by CSL Behring®)
  • Xembify®, Immune Globulin Subcutaneous (Human) 20% Liquid (manufactured by Grifols®)

The Freedom Integrated Syringe Infusion System with the FREEDOM60 Syringe Driver and Precision Flow Rate Tubing™, is specifically indicated for the intravenous infusion of the following antibiotics when used according to the FDA approved drug product labeling:

  • Ertapenem
  • Meropenem
  • Oxacillin
  • Tobramycin

Infuse in 3 Easy Steps

Step 0


Wind large knob back so that the black tab is at end of its track.

Step 1


Load the prepared syringe.

Step 2


Switch ON and go!

FREEDOM60® Key Features

Quality Assured

Made in the USA with the highest level of quality control for a defect-free product. No product maintenance needed.

Safe Constant Pressure

Highly accurate constant pressure system, meeting ISO accuracy standards for safe drug delivery.

DynEQ™ (Dynamic Equilibrium)

If the pressure in the sites increases, the system immediately responds by automatically slowing down.

Advanced Technology

All parts are designed to fit and work together within the pump. The Negator motor is the 'heart' of the FREEDOM60®.

Easy to Use & Learn

Only two controls. Just wind, load, and go!

Recessed ON/OFF Switch

No inadvertent shut-off.

Large Wind Knob

Ergonomic, easy to grasp and turn, disengages when the pump is ON and cannot be overwound.


No batteries or electricity needed. Comes with a travel pouch to promote patient independence.

Syringe Capacity

Easy to handle and purge air. Can be filled from 1ml to 50ml.

Spring-Loaded Syringe Holder

Locks syringe into the pump and maintains proper syringe orientation, prevents inadvertent removal during infusion.

Syringe Shield

Easy to check infusion progress, protects the syringe.


Robust design with a molded ABS plastic housing. No sensitive electric parts.

Training Videos

Watch video on YouTube

FREEDOM60® Administration Step-by-Step Instructions

Watch this 6-minute training video of a home sub-q infusion demonstration.

Watch video on YouTube

Loading & Unloading Syringe in the FREEDOM60®

Avoid damaging your FREEDOM60® with this quick tutorial on how to properly load and unload a BD 50 ml syringe.

Watch video on YouTube

FREEDOM60 Alternative Winding Method - For Limited Dexterity

Did you know that there's an alternative winding method for the FREEDOM60 to help patients with dexterity issues? Learn this different winding method in this quick step-by-step video.

Watch video on YouTube

Syringe-to-Syringe Drug Transfer

Learn how to transfer medication from a prefilled syringe to a BD syringe in this quick step-by-step video.

Product Guides/Instructions

FREEDOM60® Syringe Infusion Pump

  • F10050 FREEDOM60® Syringe Infusion Pump w/Travel Pouch
  • F10090 Replacement Travel Pouch - black
  • F10080 Zebra Print Travel Pouch - pattern

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. There are no changes to syringe form, fit, function or raw material composition. The only change to the syringe are the scale markings on all 50/60 ml BD® Syringes. Therefore, the new BD® 50 ml syringe will maintain compatibility with any ancillary devices currently being used for either preparation or administration of medications (e.g., syringe pumps, robotic filling equipment, etc.) This includes the FREEDOM60® Syringe Driver and Infusion System.

Flow rate can vary based how well your body absorbs the medication. Always refer to the medicine’s prescribing information and recommendations from your healthcare provider for infusion site locations. If you are experiencing slow infusions, site reactions, or discomfort when infusing, you can time your infusions to see how well your body accepts the drug. Note how long it takes to infuse the first half of your dose, then note how long the second half takes. Compare the two times: if the second half of your infusion takes longer than the first half, this may indicate that the tissue is absorbing the drug more slowly than it is being infused. Talk to your healthcare provider about switching infusion sites or adjusting your needles or tubing to better suit your needs.  For more details please refer to the Instructions for Use.

First, verify that your tubing is the right flow rate. Then, check that the pump winds properly and makes a distinctive 'whirr' noise when turned on – this means the pump is working properly. Finally, note the time the infusion starts and watch that the syringe plunger moves in accordance with your estimated infusion time. If there is any doubt, please talk to your healthcare provider.

Yes. The FREEDOM60® is so safe and easy to use it can even be used by children. In fact, its very first users were children with cystic fibrosis. Because the pump is lightweight, durable, and easy to use they found it ideal. They loved the portability and were happy to be out of a hospital environment.

The FREEDOM60® is only indicated for use with the Becton Dickinson & Co. BD® Luer-Lok® 50 ml, previously labeled 60 ml, syringe (US Reference number 309653; EU Reference number 300865).

If a dose is larger than 50 ml, you can load an additional BD® 50 ml syringe using the same tubing and needle set. Follow your healthcare provider’s protocol for swapping out the syringe. For smaller volumes, the FREEDOM60® will adjust to whatever amount is contained in the syringe. The syringe can be filled anywhere from a full 50 ml to as little as 1ml. You can also try our FreedomEdge®, which accommodates both 20 and 30 ml syringes.

The FREEDOM60 Syringe Infusion System is indicated for the subcutaneous infusion of the following human plasma-derived immunoglobulins when used according to the FDA approved biologic labeling: Cutaquig®, Immune Globulin Subcutaneous (Human) 16.5% Solution (manufactured by Octapharma®); Cuvitru®, Immune Globulin Infusion (Human) 20% (manufactured by Takeda®); Gammagard Liquid®, Immune Globulin Infusion (Human) 10% (manufactured by Takeda®); Hizentra®, Immune Globulin Subcutaneous (Human) 20% Liquid (manufactured by CSL Behring®); and Xembify®, Immune Globulin Subcutaneous (Human) 20% Liquid (manufactured by Grifols®) in the home, hospital, or ambulatory settings when administered according to the approved biologic or drug product labeling.

The FREEDOM60 Syringe Driver and Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ is also indicated for the intravenous infusion of the following antibiotics when used according to the FDA approved drug product labeling: ertapenem, meropenem, oxacillin, and tobramycin.

Nothing. The wind-up knob is disengaged while the pump is in the on position. There is no effect whatsoever by turning the knob in either direction.

The two main factors are the diameter of the tubing and the viscosity of the fluid. Immune Globulin, for example, will flow much slower than an antibiotic. Since temperature also affects the viscosity of fluids, when the temperature is cold, the flow slows down and when the temperature is warm, the flow rate increases. Tubing length and the efficiency of the needle set also can influence flow rate. There are also some effects due to differences in syringes, but these generally tend to be relatively minor.

There is a slide clamp on the tubing set that will stop the flow immediately. If the pump is turned off without using the slide clamp, some flow will continue until pressure from the black tab is removed by winding the knob clockwise to relieve all pressure in the syringe.

Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ uses a custom luer disc connector which locks onto the syringe. If an attempt is made to use tubing without a special connector, the pump will not allow the syringe to be properly seated. This is an important safety feature which helps ensure the use of flow control tubing designed for the performance profile of the FREEDOM60®. A standard bore IV set would not have the special luer disc connector. Therefore, if you tried to use a syringe hooked up to a standard bore IV set, the FREEDOM60® pump would reject the syringe and tubing. Another benefit of the luer disc is that, if the tubing is placed on a surface, it prevents connector contact and the resulting contamination.

The FREEDOM60® is powered by a negator motor, which is a specially designed spring similar to the ones used to drive clocks and pocket-watches. The negator motor creates a constant, safe pressure on the syringe. The user winds up the negator spring to reset the pump for each infusion.

Check to make certain there is no visible damage to the pump. Turn the pump on without the syringe and see if it runs. Let it run to the end of its cycle and listen for the clicking sound. If you hear that sound, the pump is usable. If submerged, or if the pump shows clear signs of abuse, we recommend that the pump be replaced. If needed, the pump can be returned to the factory for overhaul/refurbishment.

Not a problem. Unlike electronic devices, the FREEDOM60® holds full pressure on the syringe even after the infusion is over. The natural venous blood pressure is less than 0.5psi and is no match for the 13.5psi rating of the pump. In other words, no blood can backflow into the line to cause the line to clot. After the patient is awake, they can flush the line normally and should have no problem with clotted lines.

We recommend that the patient monitor use by taking note of the time the infusion started and verifying the rate of the tubing set being used. For example, if the patient is infusing a non-viscous medication (such as an antibiotic) and using the F120 set, then the plunger will move 10ml’s in five minutes, meaning that a full 60ml syringe will take 30 minutes to administer. If the plunger does not move accordingly, it is time to check on the infusion.

That is the pump looking for the syringe. The pump is designed to search for the syringe, which could be filled to any level, down to 1ml if you wanted. Once the pump finds the syringe plunger it makes a clicking sound and is then totally silent for the entire infusion. During normal flow, the pump makes no noise whatsoever.

Success Stories

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Pat's Story

"I love my Freedom system! As an RN, when I learned I would need to do my own infusions, I was dreading it based on previous knowledge of syringe pumps. When I got my Freedom60, I could not believe how simple it was to use! I don’t have to find an electrical outlet so during the summer, I could infuse poolside! I would recommend the Freedom Infusion System without reservation to anyone who needs to do subcutaneous infusions!"

Pat C.

Christina's Story

"I absolutely love the FREEDOM60 pump – it’s super easy to use and it comes with a pouch so you can take it with you and move around! Also, love the HIgH-Flo sub-q needle sets – less pain with insertion and they come with brand name Tegaderm! Thank you for the awesome products!"

Christina B.

Gregg's Story

"Your products make the infusion as pleasant an experience as possible.  The Freedom pump is so simple to use, you can’t mess it up. Thanks!"

Gregg C.

Shirley's Story

"I was diagnosed 20 years ago.  I do two (2) infusions a week and use the FREEDOM60 pump.  I have used other pumps, but I prefer the FREEDOM60.  It is very reliable, does not break down, withstands occasional dropping, is less expensive than other pumps, and is paid for by Medicare.  I fall asleep occasionally when I have the pump on and have never had any problems."

Shirley V.

Mary-Jane's Story

"I love my FREEDOM60! I have CVID and currently infuse 16g/180ml of Hizentra 2x a week. I began infusing with Hizentra/Vivaglobin in 2010. I received my FREEDOM60 pump a couple of months before that and I have been using the same pump ever since. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my FREEDOM60 because it is reliable, easy to use, easy to clean and once I start, I don’t have to worry about my infusion. It is very durable and extremely easy to travel with. It’s lightweight and the fantastic carrying case/pouch makes it easy for me to move around while I am infusing. Not being tethered to an electrical outlet, like with IV, allows me to infuse when and where I like while doing things as I infuse. I love that the syringe is protected in the pump, so I don’t have to worry about bumping it and potentially losing a syringe full of Hizentra!"

Mary-Jane M.

Richard's Story

"The FREEDOM60 pump is durable. We’ve been using this for over five years. We’ve accidentally dropped it several times with no damage done."

Richard W.

Sarah's Story

"I used to use another pump, but it was battery operated and the batteries would run out during an infusion, leaving my husband to push in the remainder of the drug. With the FREEDOM60, we truly have been free from worry, our girls used the pump and love it and the ‘ready, set, go’ feel they get when they turn the knob. The tubing has been awesome and helped with speed and safety. Thank you for creating such great products! We can feel safe and proud to use them with our family."

Sarah C.

Jennifer's Story

"I love the flexibility the Freedom system provides. I can use it anywhere! It’s lightweight, no batteries, and easy to use. I’ve done my infusions with the FREEDOM60 pump, Precision Flow Rate Tubing, and HIgH-Flo Needle sets in restaurants, movie theaters, road trips, conferences, at work, walking around the house, and I travel with it all the time."

Jennifer S.

Andy's Story

"I love my FREEDOM60 pump!  It’s easy and effective. It works! I’ve had it for over 10 years with no problems, no complications… just steady and reliable. Don’t change it as far as its work-ability…it doesn’t need anything!"

Andy H.

Patty's Story

"I have been using the FREEDOM60 since switching to Sub-q. I love how easy it is to use, and the pouch that comes with it. The fact that the pump is easy to clean with alcohol wipes makes me feel secure knowing that it is sterile between infusions. The pouch being washable and having storage is also a very attractive feature – I LOVE THE ZEBRA PRINT!"

Patty P.

Marguerite's Story

"My name is Marguerite. I am 54 years old, a wife and mother of two active girls, ages 12 and 13. I have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I have gone to five different rheumatologists and other doctors in search of relief from the constant pain in every single joint in my body. I have found nothing that takes away all the pain, but I have found a few medications that help.

During my search, some of the therapies and infusions of strong medicines depleted my immune system. I caught pneumonia, was hospitalized, and almost died twice. I became disabled because the range-of-motion in my joints became limited, preventing me from moving very much. I also could not be around too many people because I could easily catch illnesses. This has been very difficult for me especially since my girls are young. They are involved in Girl Scouts and play in their school orchestra. I have missed many concerts and trips, Christmas parades, etc.

I started seeing a new doctor a couple of years ago. Once I became strong enough, she started me on Hizentra, which is infused at home with little needles, into the subcutaneous tissue.

I use three HIgH-Flo needles and the Freedom60 system. These products are so user-friendly. The nurse trained me, so I can do the infusion according to our family schedule. I even took it on vacation with us this year. I feel much more ‘normal’! This medicine and the way it is administered allows me to accompany my daughters on many of their activities now."

Marguerite A.

Joanna's Story

"Switching to HIgH-Flo … cut 15 minutes off my infusion time. They come with genuine 3M Tegaderm™ so it doesn’t irritate my skin the way other dressings can.” Joanna uses only FREEDOM60 Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ on her Freedom60® pump, and says, “By adding HIgH-Flo needles, I’m now able to achieve the best possible infusion from my FREEDOM60® pump."

Joanna T.

Sheri's Story

"Just had my 4th anniversary on Hizentra using your products – FREEDOM60 Infusion and I’ve NEVER FELT BETTER! I’m no longer ‘surviving’ but LIVING a full and rich life! Thanks, and keep up the great work!"

Sheri H.

Nancy's Story

"I wanted to write and tell you that I still love my FREEDOM60® pump – after all these years!

I met you at a meeting where you showed your pump, and for me, it was the answer! Simple and easy to use. No complications. No batteries, no settings. I just wind up, push the button, and I’m good to go! 

Sub-q has been such an amazing and wonderful avenue for me! I was IVIG for eight and a half years – my life changed! It was a difficult decision to make the jump to being totally responsible for my treatment – but an exciting one as well! I knew I could do it because I was determined. I wanted to have control, and I wanted to live my life more freely. 

In January ’07, I spent a month in Kenya, Africa working at an AIDS orphanage, touring schools and homes for street kids, going on two amazing safaris, fulfilling a lifelong dream – this trip! Because of my immune deficiency, I was not really encouraged to go, but my wonderful new doctor was different. He gave me things to be careful of, suggestions he thought important and said, “Go for it!” Well, I packed up all my supplies, my Gamma, and my “trusty FREEDOM60 pump” – and off I went! No problems with X-ray machines – customs – nothing! From Palm Springs to England to Nairobi and back, all went great. The pump was so simple that this was its real plus on this trip. I never had to worry about batteries or if I had set it incorrectly – it was already ready to perform! 

Please don’t ever stop making this wonderful little machine!"

Thank you, Nancy H.

Ted's Story

"When diagnosed with Primary Immunodeficiency Disease, I was cautiously relieved that I finally knew what was wrong. At the same time, I learned that I would be sticking myself with needles for the rest of my life. I quickly found out that dull needles hurt – and all too frequently. This is the biggest hurdle that so many SCIg patients face. Anything that makes it easier to overcome the anxiety and fear of needles is a gift.

As I first tried HIgH-Flo™ needles, I immediately noticed an enormous difference – and what I “didn’t” feel… there was no pain when I put the needles in! Unlike the needles I had been using, each HIgH-Flo™ needle was sharp. I didn’t worry whether the next needle would hurt. The thinner 26-gauge needles go in so smoothly – it’s like a hot knife through butter. There was also less irritation to my infusion sites. Because the flow rate is comparable to wider 24-gauge needles, my infusion time went from 35 to 20 minutes. The higher-quality Tegaderm™ dressing that you provide speaks to the way you care about your customers – a pleasant surprise.

When I went from IV infusions to SCIg with my FREEDOM60® pump, it was a life-changing procedure – a major step forward in managing the disease. HIgH-Flo™ needles are another major step. This is good news that I will surely be sharing with other PIDD patients and my healthcare providers."

Ted S.