A Compact Infusion Solution for Smaller Doses

The FreedomEdge® Syringe Infusion System offers an easy-to-use compact solution for small or often-repeated doses, designed to accommodate BD® 20/30 ml syringes and Hizentra® 20 ml prefilled syringes.


Syringe Infusion System

FreedomEdge® DynEQ

Infuse in 3 Easy Steps

Step 0


Load prepared 20 ml or 30 ml syringe.

Step 1


Close the top lid to start the infusion.

Step 2


Check infusion using the progress window.

FreedomEdge Key Features

Quality Assured

Made in the USA with the highest level of quality control for a defect-free product. No product maintenance needed.

Safe Constant Pressure

Highly accurate constant pressure system, meeting ISO accuracy standards for safe drug delivery.

DynEQ™ (Dynamic Equilibrium)

If the pressure in the sites increases, the system immediately responds by automatically slowing down.

Ideal for All Users

Maximum simplicity for all users - small hands, limited dexterity & limited strength.

Easy to Use & Learn

No controls - just load, close, and go!

Fits 20ml & 30ml Syringes

Easy to handle and purge air. Can be filled from 1ml to 30ml.

Progress Window

Easy to check infusion progress.

Silent Operation

Convenient and for patients - no unnecessary alarms and noise.


No batteries/electricity needed. Comes with a travel pouch to promote patient independence.

Training Videos

Watch video on YouTube

FreedomEdge Step-by-Step Training Video

Watch this 6-minute training video of a home sub-q infusion demonstration.

Watch video on YouTube

How to Properly Connect Precision Tubing & HIgH-Flo Needle Sets

Watch video on YouTube

Using Multiple Syringes with the FreedomEdge

If using multiple syringes for your subcutaneous or intravenous infusion with the FreedomEdge Syringe Infusion System, follow the steps in this video.

Watch video on YouTube

Cleaning Procedure for the FreedomEdge

It is recommended that you properly clean your FreedomEdge syringe driver after use by following these steps.

FreedomEdge Syringe Infusion Pump

FreedomEdge® Syringe Infusion Pump

  • F10020 FreedomEdge™ Syringe Infusion Pump w/Travel Pouch
  • 347400 Replacement Travel Pouch

Frequently Asked Questions

Write down the time the infusion started and verify that you are using the correct control rate tubing and syringe recommended by your healthcare provider. Then, watch that the syringe plunger moves in accordance with your infusion time. If you expect dose to take 1 hour, then after 15 minutes, 1/4 of your dose should be complete. If there is any doubt, please ask your healthcare provider.

Simply time your infusions! Note how long the first half of your dose takes, and then the second half. Compare the two times. If the second half takes longer, you may be able to find sites that accept the drug more easily. If the two times are just about equal, it usually means your sites are accepting the drug well, and the site pressure is not increasing over the duration of your infusion.

If a dose is larger than 30ml, you can load an additional syringe using the same tubing and needle set. For smaller volumes, the pump system automatically adjusts to whatever amount is contained in the syringe. We also offer the FREEDOM60® pump, which has the same performance as FreedomEdge, but for 60ml syringes.

Speak with your healthcare provider to learn more about all of the Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ choices available, and to see if a change is appropriate.

Refer to the Instructions For Use for information on how to clean the FreedomEdge™.

Yes. It can be used in any position, at any altitude.

Yes. The FreedomEdge can be used to administer most intravenous and subcutaneous medication that will fit in a 20ml or 30ml syringe.

The FreedomEdge is designed to operate without scheduled maintenance. If you ever experience a pump problem, immediately advise your healthcare provider who can arrange for a replacement if necessary.

Yes. If you would like a pouch, please contact the provider who sent you your pump.

Success Stories

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Ted's Story

“My infusion time has gone from 7 hours via IV, 7 hours the first time I did Subcutaneous: now I’m done in 20 minutes using my FreedomEdge pump. Today, its impact on my life is not much worse than having to brush my teeth.”

 Ted S