"We believe that momentum is building across our enterprise, which is reflected in improved financial performance, the scaling of our business to pursue anticipated growth opportunities, and the ongoing penetration of the PIDD and CIDP markets." – Don Pettigrew, CEO

Therefore, the time is right to change our name from RMS Medical Products to KORU Medical Systems.

We have new leadership, a new board, new strategies, new ideas and new levels of transparency that are capitalizing on a market leadership position in self-administered drug delivery with a devotion to enhancing patient outcomes.

KORU has a vision of a bigger purpose —


Our world-class team treats business opportunities with the utmost seriousness because we know that patients depend on our products to remain healthy and active. KORU Medical strives to give customers and patients peace of mind with medical products that are easy to use and work well. Additionally, we provide the right educational resources for patients and their physician partners to achieve the best patient outcomes.

The 1 Integrated Infusion System

Cleared for Both SCIg and IV Antibiotics

Watch video on YouTube
FREEDOM60® Step-by-Step SCIg Instructions
Watch video on YouTube
FreedomEdge® Step-by-Step SCIg Training Video

Upcoming Training Sessions

Learn how to get the best results with the FREEDOM60® and FreedomEdge® Syringe Infusion Systems with our live training sessions, offered monthly.

Freedom Systems Training for Pharmacists

This 45-minute WebEx™ session covers all the basics of the KORU Freedom Infusion Systems and introduces new key tools and concepts. We will be discussing how your options with the KORU product line can give your SCIg patients better outcomes - with focus on our Freedom flow rate calculator.

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Freedom Systems Training for Nurses/Healthcare Providers

This 45 minute WebEx™ session will explain how to get the best results with the FREEDOM60® & FreedomEdge® Syringe Infusion Systems from the start and minimize patient dropout. We will also focus on the benefits of HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™.

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Upcoming Events

NHIA 2020

• Denver, CO
Booth 406

NHIA’s annual conference is the leading education and networking event for the home and specialty infusion community. Clinical pharmacists, infusion nurses, registered dieticians, reimbursement specialists, technicians, consultants, owners, executives, and industry sales/marketing management all come together for four exciting days of learning, networking, and our Expo.

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AAN 2020 Annual Meeting

• Toronto, Canada

The world’s best and most comprehensive neurology meeting, AAN offers innovative, unique, and creative experiences served in exciting and inspirational formats to fuel your mind, body, and spirit. AAN provides opportunities to learn about recent scientific breakthroughs and cutting-edge therapeutics, and is a great place for professional and personal growth.

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INS 2020 Annual Meeting

• Las Vegas, NV
Booth 423

INS has put together 4 days of education, networking, and an exhibition hall filled with the best in the industry. Connect with industry leaders through exhibits, symposia, simulation labs, and exhibitor theaters.

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