Designed with Comfort in Mind

HIgH-Flo needles were designed with safety and comfort in mind. HIgH-Flo needles are just one part of the Freedom Infusion System. When used along with Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ and the FREEDOM60®, or FreedomEdge® syringe driver, positive patient outcomes are achievable.


Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™

HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™

HIgH-Flo Key Features

Back Cut Needle Tip

Minimizes damage, scarring, and local site reactions.

Flexible Flying Hinge

Wings have great flexibility and allow each needle to stay in place without any tenting.

Safety Closure

Protects against accidental needle sticks.

Custom Luer

Designed to provide even flow to every site.

Set Options

Sets are available in single, double, triple, quad, penta, and hexa configurations.

Needle Lengths

Needles are available in 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, & 14mm lengths.

Needle Gauges

Designed for subq flow rates with options in 26 and 24 gauge.

Tubing Length

Efficient and practical 20” length (in 26g sets) for fewer tangles and faster flow rates.

Extension Set

Available for those who prefer a longer length.


Combines sets for more than 6 sites (up to 8), or to infuse with different length needles.

3M Tegaderm™

Transparent dressing that is preferred by most patients is included with all sets.

WARNING: This product can expose you to the chemical Diethanolamine, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Training Videos

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The Truth About Adverse Events

Learn about how our Freedom Infusion System helps guard against adverse events and site reactions.

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HIgH-Flo Needle Tour

Take a better look at the custom luer, butterfly wings and needle tip in this quick 3D HIgH-Flo needle tour.

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How to Use HIgH-Flo's Safety Closure

HIgH-Flo needles were designed with a built-in safety closure, to protect from accidental needle stick injuries.

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How to Remove Tegaderm

Avoid site irritation with this easy technique!

HIgH-Flo Needle Sets

  • RMS12604 20" 1 Needle 26G 4MM (box of 20 pcs)
  • RMS12606 20" 1 Needle 26G 6MM (box of 20 pcs)
  • RMS12609 20" 1 Needle 26G 9MM (box of 20 pcs)
  • RMS12612 20" 1 Needle 26G 12MM (box of 20 pcs)
  • RMS12614 20" 1 Needle 26G 14MM (box of 20 pcs)
  • RMS22604 20" 2 Needle 26G 4MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS22606 20" 2 Needle 26G 6MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS22609 20" 2 Needle 26G 9MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS22612 20" 2 Needle 26G 12MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS22614 20" 2 Needle 26G 14MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS32604 20" 3 Needle 26G 4MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS32606 20" 3 Needle 26G 6MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS32609 20" 3 Needle 26G 9MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS32612 20" 3 Needle 26G 12MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS32614 20" 3 Needle 26G 14MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS42604 20" 4 Needle 26G 4MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS42606 20" 4 Needle 26G 6MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS42609 20" 4 Needle 26G 9MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS42612 20" 4 Needle 26G 12MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS42614 20" 4 Needle 26G 14MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS52604 20" 5 Needle 26G 4MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS52606 20" 5 Needle 26G 6MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS52609 20" 5 Needle 26G 9MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS52612 20" 5 Needle 26G 12MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS52614 20" 5 Needle 26G 14MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS62604 20" 6 Needle 26G 4MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS62606 20" 6 Needle 26G 6MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS62609 20" 6 Needle 26G 9MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS62612 20" 6 Needle 26G 12MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS62614 20" 6 Needle 26G 14MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS12406 20" 1 Needle 24G 6MM (box of 20 pcs)
  • RMS12409 20" 1 Needle 24G 9MM (box of 20 pcs)
  • RMS12412 20" 1 Needle 24G 12MM (box of 20 pcs)
  • RMS12414 20" 1 Needle 24G 14MM (box of 20 pcs)
  • RMS22406 20" 2 Needle 24G 6MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS22409 20" 2 Needle 24G 9MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS22412 20" 2 Needle 24G 12MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS22414 20" 2 Needle 24G 14MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS32406 20" 3 Needle 24G 6MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS32409 20" 3 Needle 24G 9MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS32412 20" 3 Needle 24G 12MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS32414 20" 3 Needle 24G 14MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS42406 20" 4 Needle 24G 6MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS42409 20" 4 Needle 24G 9MM (box of 10 pcs)
  • RMS42412 20" 4 Needle 24G 12MM (box of 10 pcs)

Frequently Asked Questions

Made for sub-q, 26 gauge HIgH-Flo (high-performance flow) sets offer faster infusion rates than typical 27-gauge needle sets. Note: If you are transitioning from 27 gauge, your provider might give you a different F-numbered Precision tubing set to keep your infusion time about the same.

HIgH-Flo needle sets are carefully designed to optimize fluid flow for the most efficient handling of drugs. This efficiency translates into higher flow rates from smaller diameter needles.

Many patients tell us that they grab the wings above the needle, tightly pinch the skin at the site close together between their fingers and insert the needle straight into the pinched area with a dart-like motion. You may notice that the HIgH-Flo butterfly wings are very flexible, making this procedure easy. It is recommended that each site should be about 2” apart and needles should be inserted at a 90° angle. Make sure any alcohol has evaporated off your sites, and insert all needles dry. You can also talk to your provider about premedication.

The consensus from several medical centers and many patients was that genuine 3M Tegaderm™ is preferred by most patients, so we include it with your needles. We were told it had the least irritation and best adhesion to the skin. If you are a patient with dry or sensitive skin and find that the 3M Tegaderm™ is irritating, you may need to try different dressings, paper tape, or a cloth wrap. Ask your healthcare provider for suggestions.

We have needle lengths in 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, and 14mm. We offer single, double, triple, quad, penta, and hexa leg set configurations. If there is a need for a special needle length or configuration, give us a call.

We have tested up to eight needles at one time using our Low Residual Y-Connector to join two quadfurcated sets. The Y-Connector can also be used to make up multiple sets from a limited inventory, for example, creating a four-site system using two of the bifurcated sets. A six-site administration could be assembled by using two trifurcated sets and the Y-Connector.

The butterfly wings 'snap shut', at the ends, to cover the needle after use. This feature of RMS HIgH-Flo needles is designed to help prevent needlestick injuries.

Achieving even flow prevents some sites from getting more drug than others and over-filling, thus reducing pain, swelling and oozing when performing multi-site infusions. HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™ are carefully designed and tested for equal flow to every needle. The design and quality control during manufacture minimize factors which can interfere with fluid flow and cause uneven distribution. However, varying flow rate also might be due to factors which are unrelated to the needle sets, such as incorrect needle length, or something about the site at which a needle was placed, such as scar tissue or over a muscle.

Success Stories

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Nancy's Story

Just finished my weekly sub-q with your wonderful needles and other supplies! They are amazing! I was told at a conference to try HIgH-Flo because they were sharper and consistent…well they are! I will not change now! I don’t dread the stick and the tubes flow the best! Thanks again for all your hard work and caring. Oh yes, and my Freedom60 pump is still my best friend! She may be old…. but she’s reliable and solid!

Best regards,

Nancy H.

Ellen's Story

“We have been using the HIgH-Flo subcutaneous safety needle sets for about 1 year to administer hylenex and fluids to patients who are dehydrated and have difficult IV access. This has been very successful and tolerated well by even our youngest patients. It is wonderful to have this resource available in our Pediatric ED!”

 Ellen N.

Patty's Story

“Along with using the FREEDOM60, I also use your (Precision) tubing and HIgH-Flo needle sets. They are the VERY BEST in the industry! I have tried other brands, and nothing compares. Love the long tubing – that’s a big plus!”

Patty P.

Joanna's Story

“Wednesday is my FREEDOM60® infusion day. When I switched to HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needles™ I noticed better-looking infusion sites on Thursday! HIgH-Flo doesn’t hurt going in or on removal – and cut 15 minutes off my infusion time. They come with authentic 3M Tegaderm™ so it doesn’t irritate my skin the way other dressings can. I use only Precision Flow Rate Tubing™. By adding HIgH-Flo needles, I’m able to achieve the best infusion from my FREEDOM60® pump. Changing to HIgH-Flo was the easiest switch ever!

Joanna T.

Donna's Story

“After speaking with our patients, they have said the HIgH-Flo needles go in easier. When these patients were asked if they wanted to go back to the previous needles they started out with, (before we had the HIgh-Flo sets to offer), they all said they wanted to stay with the HIgH-Flo needles. Also, the flow rates have improved with these patients.”

Donna J.

Maureen's Story

“As compared to the previous needles I was using, I experience significantly less discomfort when inserting the HIgH-Flo needle. In fact, I barely feel it at entry.

In the past, I have delayed infusing as long as possible because I have been anticipating a painful (even though it’s somewhat minor) experience. With the HIgH-Flo subcutaneous needles, because the insertion pain is significantly reduced, I infuse on the day (and at the time) that I am scheduled to infuse (instead of delaying the “task”).”

Maureen H.

Dave's Story

“I’ve never recommended another product more to fellow PIDD patients than I recommend HIgh-Flo subcutaneous needle sets. The speed of flow these needles allow my highly viscous medication to enter my body is truly amazing! I’ve never had any other subcutaneous needles enter my skin so smoothly and painlessly, and also exit with so much ease. The comfort of HIgH-Flo needles is unparalleled, and I’ve tried them all! The combination of the short length of the the tubing, in addition to the HIgH-Flo butterfly wings, allows me to secure the needles to give me the freedom of doing household chores or other activities during my infusions (with multiple needle sights) without being burdened by excess tubing or the fear that the needles are going to come out. These needles have been a game-changer for my therapy. I’m no longer searching for a better needle set because I’ve discovered the best!”

Dave K.

Andrea's Story

“I just wanted to update you on my daughter and the other patient that we have switched to the HIgH-Flo needles for Hizentra. Wow! What a difference. My daughter Morgan has gone from not moving at all during her infusion to checking out the fridge for snacks to take back upstairs while she’s infusing! The dry stick method is very successful as well.

We have another patient who is a young woman who is multi-handicapped we have had on service for 10 years. She is wheelchair-bound and vocal but not verbal. Her mom contacted me the day after we changed the needles and said that it is the first time in 5 years that K has not cried her entire infusion!

I think the product is fantastic and has made a huge difference for me personally and for the patients whom I consider my family. Thank you again.

Andrea O.

Ted's Story

“When diagnosed with Primary Immunodeficiency Disease, I was cautiously relieved that I finally knew what was wrong. At the same time, I learned that I would be sticking myself with needles for the rest of my life. I quickly found out that dull needles hurt – and all too frequently. This is the biggest hurdle that so many SCIg patients face. Anything that makes it easier to overcome the anxiety and fear of needles is a gift.

As I first tried HIgH-Flo™ needles, I immediately noticed an enormous difference – and what I “didn’t” feel… there was no pain when I put the needles in! Unlike the needles I had been using, each HIgH-Flo™ needle was sharp. I didn’t worry whether the next needle would hurt. The thinner 26-gauge needles go in so smoothly – it’s like a hot knife through butter. There was also less irritation to my infusion sites. Because the flow rate is comparable to wider 24-gauge needles, my infusion time went from 35 to 20 minutes. The higher-quality Tegaderm™ dressing that you provide speaks to the way you care about your customers – a pleasant surprise.

When I went from IV infusions to SCIg with my FREEDOM60® pump, it was a life-changing procedure – a major step forward in managing the disease. HIgH-Flo™ needles are another major step. This is good news that I will surely be sharing with other PIDD patients and my healthcare providers.”

Ted S.

Christina's Story

“I absolutely love the FREEDOM60 pump – it’s super easy to use and it comes with a pouch so you can take it with you and move around! Also, love the HIgH-Flo sub-q needle sets – less pain with insertion and they come with brand name Tegaderm!

Thank you for the awesome products!”

Christina B.

Jennifer's Story

“I love the flexibility the Freedom system provides. I can use it anywhere! It’s lightweight, no batteries, and easy to use. I’ve done my infusions with the FREEDOM60 pump, Precision Flow Rate Tubing, and HIgH-Flo Needle sets in restaurants, movie theaters, road trips, conferences, at work, walking around the house, and I travel with it all the time.”

Jennifer S.