The U.S. has been facing a blood plasma shortage, which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. This decrease in donations has impacted the availability of products, impacting patients' access to essential treatments for chronic illnesses, including primary immunodeficiencies.

To bring awareness to this critical issue and help combat this shortage, together we can increase awareness and promote the need for plasma donations to help save lives.

How Can You Help?

Become a plasma donor... it’s your turn! Donating plasma is important for our entire healthcare system. We encourage anyone who can donate to consider doing so. Here are some benefits of donating plasma:

Save Lives:

Over 400 diseases are treated with Immunoglobulin (Ig) drugs, derived from human plasma. These patients depend on this therapy.1,2

New Treatment:

Recovered from COVID-19? Your plasma is rich with virus-fighting antibodies that could potentially treat severely ill COVID-19 patients.3

Earn Rewards:

In addition to helping make a difference and help save lives, you can receive compensation for your time and generosity.

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Your First Donation

Plasma is collected using a special process called plasmapheresis that separates the plasma from the blood and collects it in a bottle. Donation centers use a high-tech machine that safely collects the plasma and returns the other parts of the blood back to you, all while you read a book or catch up with friends on social media. Although wait times may vary at each location, the collection process takes approximately 90 minutes.

But... it takes two!

Because of the stringent quality and safety testing of the plasma collected, the first donation is used only after a second donation is completed. Donating plasma the second time will take much less time than your first visit, and you can begin to accumulate points through the collection center’s reward programs (varies by center).

To learn more ways you can help save lives, please visit:

To find a plasma collection center near you, please check out: Thank you for considering donating during this critical time!

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