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Making At-Home Treatment a Reality

KORU gives patients the freedom to live life to the fullest – with industry leading, reliable, infusion systems, preferred by patients and professionals. Our easy-to-use Freedom systems support more than 1.5M annual infusions and are designed to improve each patient’s treatment experience.

Infusions Made Simple

With KORU Freedom Technologies

Simple to use, safe, and completely portable, KORU’s complete infusion system administers life-saving therapies to patients in need of subcutaneous immunoglobulin treatment (such as Primary Immunodeficiency Diseases [PIDD] and Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy [CIDP]).

KORU’s proven Freedom Infusion Systems make at-home treatment a reality. These systems consist of the FREEDOM60® and FreedomEdge® syringe drivers (mechanical device that operates the medication syringe), Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ (flow rate tubing that controls the infusion speed at which the drug is delivered) and HlgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™ (delivers the medication into the subQ tissue).

A Balanced Infusion

Our Freedom infusion systems are designed to automatically adapt based on how well your body absorbs medication. This unique KORU benefit, known as DynEQ® (Dynamic Equilibrium), slows down based on building pressure in the subcutaneous tissue during SCIg infusions to ensure a balanced, comfortable infusion.

Speak to your healthcare professional about choosing the right Freedom device for use with your specific treatment.

When it comes to home infusion devices, the FREEDOM60 Syringe Infusion System is known for its simplicity and portability. It is trusted in the subQ patient community and the infusion industry. The FREEDOM60:

  • Accommodates BD® 50-ml syringes (US Reference number: 309653)
  • Is indicated for the intravenous or subcutaneous infusion of medications
  • Is designed for use in the home, hospital, or ambulatory settings

System Key Advantages:

  • Convenient – no batteries or electricity required
  • Portable – bring it anywhere for use anytime
  • Lightweight - easy to grip, large handle
  • Easy to use - two simple operating knobs: the large wind knob and the ON/OFF switch
  • Integrated safety – easy view syringe shield protects medication syringe

Infusions, as Easy as 1, 2,3!


Wind large knob so the black tab is at the end of its track.


Load the prepared syringe into the FREEDOM60.


Turn on and go!

“Simple and easy to use. No complications, no batteries, no settings.
Just wind up, turn on, and I’m good to go!”

– Nancy, SCIg FREEDOM60 User

The FreedomEdge Syringe Infusion System offers a compact infusion solution that is easy-to-use for smaller or often-repeated doses. The FreedomEdge:

  • Accommodates BD® 20- and 30-ml syringes (for compatible models, please refer to the FreedomEdge Instructions for Use)
  • Is indicated for the intravenous or subcutaneous infusion of medications
  • Is designed for use in the home, hospital, or ambulatory settings

System Key Advantages:

  • Convenient – no batteries or electricity required
  • Portable – bring it anywhere for use anytime
  • Easy to use – zero controls

Integrated safety – protected medication syringe and easy view progress window

Freedom Edge System Key Advantages

Infusions, as Easy as 1, 2,3!


Load the prepared 20- or 30-ml syringe.


Close the top lid to start the infusion.


Check the infusion through the progress window.

Freedom System Benefits

Freedom Independance Icon

Promotes Independence & Freedom

  • Once trained, you can infuse on YOUR schedule
  • Travel with ease - take your infusions with you
  • Control over when and how long you infuse
Easy to Use Icon


  • Simple system - easy to train and use
  • No batteries or electric needed
  • No maintenance required
  • Free resources & training materials at your fingertips:
  • SubQ Infusion Mats
  • Training videos
  • Customer support
  • Community - follow us @korumedical to stay in the know!
Safe and Reliable Icon

Safe & Reliable  

  • Proven design withstands home use and supports over 1.5M annual infusions
    • Syringe is enclosed & protected
  • DynEQ® (Dynamic Equilibrium) – the system automatically responds and slows if infusion site pressure builds
  • Little room for error - no programming required
  • Precision Flow Rate Tubing™ includes a safety feature (luer disc) that securely locks the medication syringe into syringe driver
  • Each Precision tubing set delivers a specific flow rate
  • Fully integrated infusion system – all pieces work together to deliver the optimal infusion
Therapy Flexibility Icon

Allows Therapy Flexibility

  • 2 syringe drivers to support a range of dosing options: FREEDOM60® for BD® 50 ml syringes & FreedomEdge® for BD® 20 and 30 ml syringes (for compatible syringe models, please refer to the respective syringe driver’s Instructions for Use).
  • Various tubing and needle set options allow patients to tailor infusions to suit their lifestyle and desired speed.

Consult with your healthcare provider to see if the FREEDOM60 or FreedomEdge infusion systems will support your treatment plan.

Want to learn more? Check out our step-by-step subQ infusion training videos.

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Freedom System FAQs

Note the start time of the infusion and watch that the syringe plunger moves in accordance with your estimated infusion time. If you expect dose to take 1 hour, then after 15 minutes, 1/4 of your dose should be complete. If there is any doubt, please talk to your healthcare provider.

 You will hear a ‘whirring’ noise as the black tab makes its way down the track. Once the black tab engages with the syringe plunger and the infusion begins, the noise will stop and the infusion will be silent.

If using the FREEDOM60 and the dose is larger than 50 ml, you can load an additional syringe using the same tubing and needle set. For smaller volumes, the syringe driver will adjust to whatever amount is contained in the syringe. Same goes for the FreedomEdge – if the dose is larger than your 20 or 30 ml syringe, you can load an additional syringe using the same tubing and needle set. For smaller volumes, the syringe driver will adjust to whatever amount is contained in the syringe.

Nothing. The wind knob is disengaged while the syringe driver is in the ON position. There is no effect by turning the knob in either direction.

Our Freedom syringe drivers are designed to withstand day-to-day home use without any scheduled maintenance. In addition, there are no user serviceable parts inside. If you experience a problem with your pump, talk to your provider about a possible replacement.

You can use a soft cloth dampened with a weak mixture of mild detergent and warm water (minimum ratio of 1 part detergent to 50 parts water) to wipe areas that are accessible. Rinse solution off by using another soft cloth, wetted but not dripping with warm tap water. Dry using a clean, dry soft cloth. Refer to the Instructions for Use for the full cleaning procedure.

Yes. Our Freedom syringe drivers can be used to administer most intravenous and subcutaneous medications that will fit in BD 50, 30 and 20 ml syringes. For compatible syringe models, please refer to the respective syringe driver’s Instructions for Use.

We currently offer 20 flow rates (F0.5 – F2400), suitable for delivering IgG and antibiotics, for a variety of time frames ranging from a few minutes to five days so that you can get the infusion rate you need. Ask your healthcare provider to help determine which flow rate tubing is best for you.

Precision Flow Rate Tubing is used with both Freedom syringe drivers to determine the flow rate of the infusion. The two main factors that affect the infusion time are the diameter of the tubing and the viscosity (thickness) of the fluid. Flow rates can also be affected by temperature, patient conditions, height differences between the system and infusion site, and excessive motion during infusion.

You need restrictive tubing with a disc luer. This makes sure your infusion is delivered at a controlled rate and that the syringe stays properly seated in the pump.

Talk with your healthcare provider to see if a change in ancillary supplies is appropriate. You may consider trying a faster flow rate tubing set and/or adding an infusion site.

Simply time your infusions. Note how long the first half of your dose takes and then the second half. Compare both times. If the second half takes longer, you may be able to find sites that accept the drug more easily. If the two times are almost equal, it means your sites are accepting the drug well, and the site pressure is not increasing throughout your infusion.

Many patients tell us that they grab the wings above the needle, tightly pinch the skin at the site close together between their fingers and insert the needle straight into the pinched area with a dart-like motion. You may notice that the HIgH-Flo butterfly wings are very flexible, making this procedure easy.

It is recommended that each site should be about 2” apart, and needles should be inserted at a 90° angle.

Make sure any alcohol has evaporated off your sites and insert all needles dry. You can also talk to your provider about premedication.

If you have leakage at the infusion site, you may need to increase the length of the needle. Talk to your provider about trying a longer needle and refer to the ”Optimizing Your Infusion” section for additional suggestions

We have needle lengths in 4mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, and 14mm. We offer single, double, triple, quad, penta, and hexa leg set configurations. If there is a need for a special needle length or configuration, give us a call.

The butterfly wings 'snap shut' at the ends to cover the needle after use. This feature is designed to help prevent needlestick injuries. To use, remove the needle in a straight motion, opposite the direction you inserted it. Push the wings together to cover the needle. Apply even pressure at the safety closure circles on tips of the needle wings and squeeze closed.

26G is sufficient to administer a 20% solution (i.e. Cuvitru® and Hizentra®), depending on system configuration. To achieve faster flow rates, a 24G needle would be recommended. Always refer to the drug manufacturer’s package insert for infusion parameters.

If you are unsure of how to handle used needles, ask your healthcare provider to demonstrate. HIgH-Flo has built-in safety. Just 'snap shut' by pressing the wings together at ends to entrap the needle and then dispose of the set. Needle sets should be disposed of in a standard sharps container.

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