Right now is a confusing time, and uncertainty or worries are completely normal. If you are immunocompromised, it is a particularly important time to stay safe, healthy, and reduce your exposure to germs. Now more than ever, subcutaneous infusion therapy—which KORU’s Freedom Infusion Systems delivers—is a great alternative to intravenous infusion therapy1.

Below are three reasons why subcutaneous infusion is a great option for patients with PIDD and CIDP2:

  1. Decreased exposure: Being able to administer at-home infusions subcutaneously eliminates the need to go in-person to a hospital or infusion suite to receive infusions intravenously. This affords you peace of mind that you can treat yourself in your own home without facing increased exposure to other individuals.
  2. Time and flexibility: At-home subcutaneous infusion not only allows you to stay safe and reduce your exposure to others, but it also allows you to regain time that you would otherwise spend commuting to appointments. With subcutaneous infusion, you can reallocate this time and use it to spend with family or on work or personal projects.

    This is especially helpful right now when children are home from school and schedules have changed. With subcutaneous infusion, you no longer need to plan your schedule around intravenous infusion appointments.
  3. Ease of Use: The Freedom Infusion System requires no batteries or electricity, which assures self-sufficiency and flexibility to do infusions where and when you need. It is easy to use, safe and completely portable, making it an efficient option for receiving therapy in the comfort of your own home.


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