Repro Med Systems, Inc. dba KORU Medical Systems licenses the Freedom Tubing Calculator spreadsheet software (“Software”) without charge and without warranty or guarantee subject to the terms and conditions below. Use of the software constitutes agreement to these terms and conditions.

  1. This Software is intended to be used only for the purpose of estimating the time required to infuse selected medications through various user-specified combinations of HIgH-Flo Subcutaneous Safety Needle Sets™ and Precision Flow Rate Tubing Sets™ when connected to a FREEDOM60® Syringe Infusion Pump. Any other use is unsupported and prohibited.
  2. The use of this Software with any infusion pumps, tubing sets or needle sets not manufactured by KORU Medical Systems is prohibited.
  3. The data and formulas contained in this Software are the proprietary property of KORU Medical Systems. Any attempt to decrypt or decompile this Software, or to use such information except for the intended purpose specified in Section 1, is prohibited.
  4. It is intended that this Software will be used by trained medical personnel, operating at or under the direction of a physician, who are thoroughly familiar with the Prescribing Information supplied by the manufacturer of the medication to be infused. This Software provides some infusion limit warnings for selected drugs. However, the user of this Software is responsible for following all guidelines established by the drug manufacturer, regardless of whether warnings are displayed by this Software. KORU Medical Systems assumes no liability for incorrect or missing warnings.
  5. Many factors that cannot be anticipated by this Software may affect the time required to infuse medication, including, but not limited to, variations in medication viscosity, placement of needles, and the number of prior infusions. The user understands that the flow rates and times projected by this Software are estimates only, provided for consideration by trained medical personnel and that KORU Medical Systems is not responsible for variations from these estimates.
  6. This Software has been tested only on Windows versions of Microsoft Excel (version 2007 or later). Use of this spreadsheet Software with any other program is unsupported and at the user’s own risk.
  7. These terms and conditions may be changed upon 30 days notice to the e-mail address originally supplied when this Software was downloaded.